Graduated Master degree Luca School of Arts, Brussels
Professor Sint Lucas School of Arts, Antwerp

Running/ Upcoming

10.12.2022   Group show at Rufus Gallery (Ghent)

16.12.2022   Art for Christmas at Ti-Pi (Ghent)

23.03.2023   Drawing Now (Paris)

Solo exhibitions

2021   Dinner is Served, Schönfeld Gallery, Rivoli (Brussels)

2020   The Burgundian Summerhouse, Rufus Gallery (Ghent)

2018   Found Objects, Grafixx (Antwerp)

Selected group exhibitions

2022   De Melkerij (Leuven)
Group show with MonColonel&Spit, B.D.Graft, Indre Svirplyte and more

2022   Roses from the Country House (Brussels)
Duo show with Thomas Renwart

2021   La Mort des Amants (Brussels)
With Thomas Renwart, Werner Mannaers, Clemence Van Lunen and Lisa Ijeoma, at Schönfeld Gallery.

2020   Buy Local, Kunsthal (Ghent)
Featured with Willem Boel, Joëlle Dubois, Jan Kempenaers, Karen Vermeren, Titus Simoens, Shirley Vilavincecio Pizango, Nina Vandeweghe, Eva Vermeiren and others.

2020   Sun's out Guns out (Ghent)
With Pieter Van Eenoge, Alexander Popelier, Sam Scarpulla and Edouard Schneider, Rufus Gallery.

2020   Paper Stories (Brussels)
Featured with Jesse Willems, Albert Pepermans and Janine Vandenbosch, Schönfeld Gallery.

2019   Shining Ground (Antwerp)
Featured with Francis Denys, Benoït Félix, Fred Michiels and others, Eva Steynen Gallery.

2014   Krasj (Ninove)
With Francis Denys, Sara Lamens, Koenraad Tinel, Leen Voet & many more. Showed my graduation project.

2014   NVT Gallery (Ghent)

2014   W139 Gallery (Amsterdam)

2014   Internship: People of Print (London)

Art Fairs

2022   Luxembourg Art Week

2022   Art On Paper, Brussels

2022   Brussels Gallery Weekend

2021   Art Antwerp

2021   Luxembourg Art Week

2021   Art Brussels

2021   Brussels Gallery Weekend

Publications and lectures

2022   Dessins d'Enfants Signés
With Annemie Van Kerckhoven, Kati Heck, Anouk De Clercq, Inge Ketelers, Chloé Arrouy, Fran Van Coppenolle, Liesbeth Feys, Melissa Mabesoone, Liesbeth Van Heuverswijn, Natasja Mabesoone, Sophie Nys, Valérie Mannaerts, Eliza Pepermans, and more. (Pleasure Island, Oostend)

2021   Theater Aan Zee
A serie of postcards made for TAZ, curated by Caroline Pauwels, together with Gerda Dendooven, Ever Meulen, Luc Duflou, Albert Pepermans, Tom Schamp, Herr Seele en Kamagurka, Jan Van Der Veken, Benoît Van Innis en Judith Vanistendael

2021   Rekto Verso
A serie of 8 drawings made for Rekto Verso magazine (Issue 'Crip'), in coöperation with Ine Meganck.

2020   At Home Serie (Antwerp)
A serie of limited edition risoprits made in cooperation with Kabinet Studio.

2020   Book Launch:The Burgundian Summerhouse
The Burgundian Summerhouse shows the 37 drawings made in prepartion of a serie of still lives. Book printed on a limited edition of 150 copies. Graphic design and text by Bart Hebben, published at Graphius and in cooperation with Rufus Gallery. Order your copie here

2019   Lecture at Sint-Lukas, School of arts Brussels
Serie alumni lectures, invited by Eva Cardon

2017   Lecture + Posterdesign: 'The devil is in the detail', Integrated
Conference organised at DeSingel, with Mike Monteiro, Oliviero Toscani, Lauren Grusenmeyer, William Ludwig Lutgens & others.

2017   Publication: Livre Paris and Frankfurther Buchmesse
Small press publication and performance representing a selection of belgian artist, invited by Joost Swarte and Randall Caesar.

2015   Boeckherberg
Invited by Laura Bergans and Anne De Boeck to give a small talk about art books. Organised at Luca, School of Arts Ghent.

Selected Press

2022   A stronger main section, The Art Newspaper France

2022   Intiem met papier, Collect FR

2022   Ode aan de roos, DeMorgen

2021   In het alledaagse schuilt veel schoonheid: Eliza Pepermans tafelt met grootmeesters, DeMorgen

2021   Zonnebloemen schilderen, is dat niet voor oude vrouwtjes? Eliza Pepermans bewijst het tegendeel, DeStandaard

2021   Hit & Run, DeStandaard

2021   Kijk eens, DeStandaard

2021   Spots op, KwWeekend

2021   Cultuur, Sabato Magazine

2021   Three upcoming Belgian artists by Gallery Viewer

2021   In the spotlight at Art Brussels Bruzz

2020   Eliza Pepermans blaast leven in het stilleven, Collect Magazine Collect Art magazine