The Burgundian Summerhouse, Eliza Pepermans
The Burgundian Summerhouse, serie of paintings

Rufus Gallery
Land Van Waaslaan 58, Ghent (Be)
+32 486 634 223

Info available at Rufus Gallery
The Burgundian summerhouse book, Eliza Pepermans
The Burgundian Summerhouse - Book

35eur (+ shipping charges)
Limited edition signed on 150copies, 80 pages, 24cm x 17cm, 2020
Graphic design and text by Bart Hebben

Paper Stories, Eliza Pepermans
Paper Stories - Kitchen Still lifes

Schönfeld Gallery
Rivoli building, Chaussée de Waterloo, 690, 1180 Brussels (Be)
+32 478 20 25 82

Info available at Schönfeld Gallery or online at Artsy