Dinner is Served

Solo show at Schönfeld Gallery, Rivoli Building

Fruit on the table,Eliza Pepermans

01/17   Fruit on the table, oil on panel, 73 x 57cm, 2021     

Still life with five sunflowers ,Eliza Pepermans

02/17   Still life with five sunflowers, oil on panel, 60 x 42cm, 2021     

On a sunny afternoon,Eliza Pepermans

03/17   On a sunny afternoon II, oil on panel, 73 x 57cm, 2021     

Dinner is served,Eliza Pepermans

04/17   Dinner is served, oil on panel, 123 x 83cm, 2021     

Vase with sunflowers and candleholder,Eliza Pepermans

05/17   Vase with sunflowers and candleholder, oil on panel, 83 x 76cm, 2021     

Images of the other works coming soon...